Why do we need a new school?

  • There are only just enough primary school places for Paddock Wood children now, and in April 2016 final planning permission is likely to be given for a large expansion of housing in Paddock Wood over the next two to three years. As that new housing comes on stream, there will not be enough places in Paddock Wood Primary School, or in neighbouring village primary schools, to meet the demand.
  • In most towns the size of Paddock Wood, especially as it grows, parents should have the choice of more than one primary school for their children. In most parts of our area, parents have the option of a Church primary school for their children, where there is an emphasis both on high standards and on an inclusive ethos where Christian values are learnt and lived out. We believe parents in Paddock Wood should have that choice too.
  • We have discussed this with Paddock Wood Primary School, and they warmly welcome the growth of another different kind of primary school locally. We are committed to working together so parents in Paddock Wood have a genuine choice of two excellent, but different, primary schools in the town.
  • The new school will be part of the Tenax Schools Trust. This is a locally based academy trust led by Bennett Memorial in Tunbridge Wells, an outstanding teaching school with experience of working extensively with primary schools. It will work in partnership with St Andrew's Church in Paddock Wood, a joint Church of England and Methodist Church with very strong existing links to the local community and a good relationship with local schools.