Our Vision

What will the new school be like?

  • It will be a two form entry primary school taking children from Reception through to Year 6. When full, it will have a roll of 420 children.
  • It will have a strong focus on a caring, family-like ethos, where every child is valued, and where the school works closely with the family to ensure children are happy coming to school and enjoy their learning.
  • It will be underpinned by inclusive Christian values, and children will be taught the importance of living by those values.
  • In the early years, the focus will be on the development of the whole child and on outstanding teaching of the basics, in particular reading, writing and maths.
  • As children get older, there will be increasing emphasis on high quality teaching of traditional academic subjects so that the highest possible standards are reached and children are fully prepared for transfer to any secondary school.
  • To complement their studies, there will be a strong emphasis on the development of character for example through sports, music, debating, outdoor activities, trips and visits.
  • The new school will benefit strongly from working closely with Bennett Memorial, and other schools in the Trust, for example by sharing specialist teachers and facilities so children have access to a really top class range of opportunities. Bennett's culture of high expectations and standards will inform the approach to learning and personal development at the new school.

When will the new school open?

  • Up to 1050 new homes for Paddock Wood are included in the local council's Core Strategy for housing growth. This will cause the town's population to grow by about quarter. It is expected the new developments will attract many young families and so the already high demand for school places will increase. Paddock Wood Primary School does not have the capacity to expand further, so Kent Count Council have stated clearly that a new two form entry primary school will be needed to meet the needs of the town.
  • Outline planning permission is likely to be determined by summer 2016.
  • If this happens, Kent estimate that a new primary school will be needed from 2018 onwards as the population grows, so that is when we would aim to open. If this date gets delayed for any reason, we will respond accordingly by adjusting the date of opening.