• The Tenax Schools Trust, led by Bennett Memorial School in Tunbridge Wells, and in partnership with St Andrew's Church, is proposing to open a new Church of England and Methodist Primary School in Paddock Wood from 2021.
  • This will give Paddock Wood families a genuine choice of local primary schools
  • It will meet a growing need for places as new housing comes on stream
  • The new school will be fully inclusive and welcome all local families, regardless of background, who want a school with a focus on high quality teaching and high standards, underpinned by traditional Christian values
  • A nursery for two and three year olds will be part of the new school
  • The new school is being developed in partnership with St Andrew's Church
  • The new school will work in close co-operation with Paddock Wood Primary School, who welcome this plan
  • It will prepare children to go on to any local secondary school of their choice
  • By insisting on high standards and Christian values, and by working with other local schools, including Paddock Wood School, it will help to raise standards for all children in the town